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Help to regulate the profession of psychologist in Luxembourg once and for all!

Are you one of those citizens who are certain that you are speaking to a qualified professional when you go to see

a psychologist?

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case! The profession of psychologist is not regulated in Luxembourg, opening the doors to possible abuse and malpractice.

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The Société Luxembourgeoise de Psychologie (SLP) regularly receives complaints from patients/clients who have unwittingly turned to "psychologists" with no or insufficient qualifications and competence. With no regulation whatsoever, no action can be taken in such cases. This situation not only is harmful to the patient/client, but also to the profession of psychologists.


The SLP is being contacted more and more frequently by people with insufficient psychological training regarding professional establishment in Luxembourg. Despite refusal of SLP membership, professional establishment as a psychologist cannot be prevented.


As one of the last countries in Europe without regulation, this trend is likely to increase in Luxembourg as unqualified practitioners cannot work as psychologists in other EU countries.


Our requests for regulation of the profession have fallen on deaf ears for years on the side of the ministries, even though regulation would ensure adequate psychological support and protect fellow citizens from pseudo-psychologists.


Help us

We hope that you will support our demand and thus help to persuade the political leaders to regulate. We also thank you for sharing this appeal. Sign by submitting this form.

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